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2017 Lantern Festival Garden Party Successfully Held at Lonking Shanghai Base
Date:Feb 17 2017 | Attention:
It’s a traditional folk custom for Chinese people to celebrate the Lantern Festival, which falls on January 15 on the lunar calendar. To add a festive touch and promote traditional culture, while enriching the lives of Lonking employees during this festival and encouraging an uplifting and harmonious lifestyle for them, the Trade Union Committee of Lonking Shanghai base carried on the tradition of previous years by hosting a garden party themed “A Lantern Show for Lantern Festival”, which brought festive joy and consideration from the company to employees who work hard during this busy period of production and sales. 

This year’s garden party was comprised of six games: riddle solving, shuttlecock kicking, loop throwing, set shot, solo rope skipping and drawing the FU character. These enjoyable games fully immersed all the employees present in the festive atmosphere. In this meticulously organized activity which lasted for more than two hours, everyone who participated in the games, whether employees or their family members, all went home delighted, with hands full of trophies and prizes. It was such a harmonious and happy picture at Lonking Shanghai base.