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All The Way Along, Grateful for Your Company
Date:Apr 17 2017 | Attention:

On the beautiful spring day of Saturday April, 15th, the Lonking “Good Wives Luncheon” was held. The Lonking company members came to the picturesque Chen Mountain and Moon Lake, talking joyfully and having fun. Upon this occasion, the Lonking family” brought together both acquaintances and strangers to get to know each other better.  Along the cherry blossom trees, in the kuangkeng garden, and by the statues around moon lake, everywhere families where taking photos.


Such is the relaxing way the Lonking members welcomed their good wives into this big family. On this heavenly day, the weather in Shanghai broke the records of the warmest day in 120 years, bringing out the enthusiasm and warmth of the Lonking members.


One could only see the flowers were in full blossom in such pleasant weather, with love in the air and joy overflowing, it’s perfect for this get together event.


After a while people were tired, they stopped hiking and had arrived at The Yuluxe Sheshan, Shanghai, A Tribute Portfolio Hotel, which also had a beautiful view. The good wives of the Lonking family took a photo in front of the stage. It was a beautiful moment.  The children were attracted by the clay dolls, paper cut-outs, and the group of clowns popping balloons. They jumped for joy as they received their favorite souvenirs. At the check-in counter everyone signed their names and scanned the Wechat QR code; both the elderly and the children received red envelops, what more could they ask for?



Around half past five, the Lonking “Good Wives Luncheon” officially began.



Mr. Li SanYim, Chairman of the Board of Lonking Holdings Limited and delegate to the National People's Congress gave a speech warmly welcoming all the wives, family members and all the talented people there. Mr. Li enthusiastically explained the purpose and significance of the luncheon. Chairman Li reported the company achievements in recent years and this year’s good start to the first quarter, he was deeply grateful for the full support and silent dedication from all the wives. He also expressed his wish for them to continue their support of the development of the Lonking company, and the care of the families, and cultivation of the talented Lonking staff, all of which make contributions to the future success of Lonking Enterprise.



Ms. Qiutong, the representative of the wives and wife of Mr. Yin Kunlun, finance director at Lonking Holdings Limited, gave a deeply touching speech. She was proud of the Lonking products and the career platform it provided. She felt privileged to be a member of Lonking family. She was grateful for all the things Lonking had done for the staff and their families. She promised that she would take good care of her family so that her husband could totally devote himself to the development of the company. This speech was so moving, and it echoed with everyone present.



The banquet started with the songs “Joyful Gathering” and “People Paddle to Sail a Large Ship”, followed by a meticulously prepared program or performances and exquisite food and fine wines. A solo singing performance, a magic show, a saxophone and electric violin, “Sichuan Embroidery” a traditional Chinese style and a “Bubble Show” for children all made the show brilliant. The performers included the wives, children and even grand-children with great various talents. The lucky draw was the most anticipated part of the evening and everyone dreamed to be the lucky winner! Our event planners never let us down. Abundant and valuable prizes surprised everyone again and again!



Time always flies when you’re having fun. After the “Shake your phone” game, the 2017 “Good Wives Luncheon” came to a successful end. Although the excited hustle and bustle finally left the banquet hall, this beautiful memory will never fade from the hearts of the Lonking family.


A husband with a good and beloved wife will achieve a flourishing career, a company with talented people will develop by leaps and bounds. We look forward to our next gathering! Wish us a prosperous future!