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Lonking Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Weichai Power
Date:Jul 10 2018 | Attention:

March is the prime time of spring. In this season, Weifang is full of vigor everywhere.

From March 21 to 22, Mr. Li Xinyan, Chairman of the Board of Lonking Holdings Limited paid a visit to Weichai Power with his colleagues. He was warmly received by Tan Xuguang, Party Secretary and President of Shandong Heavy Industry Group and President of Weichai Group, and other leaders.

With achievements and as a national brand, Weichai has been praised highly by General Secretary Xi Jinping for many times. That is an honor for Weichai’s staff and also the big family of Weichai, including Lonking.

At the number one, two and three factories, the laboratory center, the R&D center, the hydraulic company and the S&T hall, Lonking’s delegation carefully observed sites and listened to explanations. For Lonking’s staff, visiting Weichai is highly anticipated. They can learn a lot and get inspired. During this visit, the delegation was impressed by Weichai’s scale and also advanced standard and fine management and concepts. They came to know Weichai’s competiveness of existing products and also its source and strategy supporting future development.

On the noon of July 22, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation agreement between Lonking and Weichai was held at the conference room of the Weichai Information Center Building. High-level leaders of the two companies and Weichai’s party principals attended the ceremony. President Tan Xuguang and Chairman Li Xinyan respectively delivered a speech passionately and sincerely.

Chen Chao, Executive Vice President of Lonking Holdings, and Zhang Quan, CEO of Weichai Power, signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement.

On the afternoon of July 22, leaders of the two companies discussed deeply about product strategies, future development plans and bilateral deeper cooperation.

During this visit, Lonking again signed strategic development agreement with Weichai, shedding light on deeper and more extensive cooperation in the future. As we firmly believe, on the basis of good partnership in the past 20 years and top management’s effort and care, Lonking and Weichai will deepen their cooperation, make joint progress, improve influence in the sector and make greater contributions to China’s manufacturing industry.


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