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Fujian’s Provincial Secretary Yu Weiguo Leads an Inspection Team to Lonking
Date:Jul 11 2018 | Attention:

In May, wind is mild and drizzle just wanes away. On the afternoon of May 9, Yu Weiguo, secretary of the provincial committee of Fujian, led an inspection team of the provincial committee and government to the Lonking (Fujian) Excavator Co., Ltd. in the company of Longyan’s mayor Lin Xinglu and other officials. Entrusted by Lonking’s chairman Li Xinyan, Zhang Yongxiang, president assistant of Lonking Holdings Limited, warmly welcomed Yu and his delegation.

At the factory’s parking lot, guests were interested by Lonking excavators and loaders which were arranged orderly and looked quite impressive. With large arms, the Efficiency King series excavators were placed to welcome those guests. Like soldiers, industry-leading loaders were prepared for inspection.

At an excavator workshop, secretary Yu carefully observed the production line and asked detailed questions about the company’s production and operation. Zhang Yongxiang introduced to Yu and his delegation that in recent years Lonking has succeeded in dealing with the industry crisis and maintaining stable and rational development, and has made remarkable achievements in seizing opportunities and realizing rapid growth in many business sectors. And he also introduced that the “four wheels and one belt” project and the 3,000 excavators per year project, which were both opened and put into production in 2017, generated benefits in the same year. Secretary Yu was pleased to know that Lonking has made great breakthroughs in high-end parts including excavator electronic control system, hydraulic high-pressure elements, and tunneling shield cylinder, and domestic parts are used other than imported ones, and remarkable benefits are created. Yu said that proprietary in core technology and innovation-driven competiveness is a good way of accordance with General Secretary Xi’s philosophy in development. He encouraged Lonking to grasp the opportunity, utilize innovative advantages in core technology and strive to realize new development. Also, he asked Longyan to adhere to enterprise-specific policies and help enterprises in innovative development. Provincial leaders including CPPCC Fujian chairman Cui Yuying, leaders of relevant provincial departments, municipal officials from Xiamen, Zhangzhou, Quanzhou and Sanming, and other officials of Longyan government and the Longyan National Economic and Technological Development Zone also participated in the investigation tour.

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