Wheel Loader


Wheel Loader


Construction Machinery CDM823D features:

Powerful YTO Engine
Hydraulic Transmission & Torque Converter
Optimized Structure Design
Convenient Maintenance

YTO 65kW diesel engine, Powerful, Energy saving and environment friendly. 
Hydraulic transmission and torque converter.
New seal cab, Operational environment more comfortable. 
Hydraulic transmission and torque converter making power transmission more reliable, Operation more flexible. 
Full hydraulic steering making operation more flexible, Convenient and reliable.
Equipped with A/C as optional. 
Implement with computer optimization design, High strength and well reliability. 
Bucket with the special function of automatic leveling, Shorten working hours, Increase working efficiency and reduce fault rate. 

Overall Data  Steering System 
Bucket Capacity (m3)1.28 Type Hydraulic Load Sensor System
Rated Payload (kg)2300 Cylinders-bore x Stroke (mm)2-63X280
Operating Weight (kg)6500 Steering PumpShared With Working Pump
Traction Force (kN)44.5 System Pressure (MPa)14
Breakout Force (kN)65 Steering Angle±35°
Travel speeds (km/h): Hydraulic System 
   Lift Cylinders-bore x Stroke (mm)2-100X718
Forward10.224.8  Tilt Cylinder-bore x Stroke(mm)1-110X494
Reverse10.224.8  Working PumpGear Pump
EngineYTO  YT4B4-24 Flow Rate (L/min/rpm)151/2400
Rated Power (kW·hp/rpm)65·(88)/2400 System Pressure (MPa)16
Rated Torque (Nm/rpm)292-305/1400-1600 Hydraulic Cycle Time, Rated Load in Bucket (In Second):
Starting Voltage (V)24 Raise(Loaded)DumpLower(Empty)Total
Drive Train
Torque ConverterSingle-stage, Single-turbine, 3-element Electrical System
Torque Ratio3.7 System Voltage (V)24
TransmissionFixed Shaft Hydraulic Shift Spur Gear Battery(2 in series) (Ah)180
Gear2F/2R Lamp Voltage (V)24
Pressure of Transmission (MPa)1.2-1.5 Service Refill Capacity 
Main ReducerSpiral Bevel Gear Single-stage Reduction Fuel Tank (L)110
Final ReducerPlanetary Reduction Hydraulic Tank (L)100
Tire16/70-20 Transmission (L)18
Brake System  Front Axle (L) / Rear Axle (L)12月12日
Service BrakeAir Drive, Four Wheel Brake (Dry) Air Conditioning System (Optional) 
Setting Pressure (MPa)0.78 Heating Capacity (W)4500 (±10%)
Parking & Emergency BrakeFlexible Shaft Controlled Caliper Cooling Capacity (W)3200 (±10%)
Hydraulic Transmission
Dry Brake Drive Axle
Standard Bucket
Mechanical Flexible Shaft Control
Log Grapple (J)
Light-duty Grapple (ZZ)
High Dumping(G)
Enlarged Bucket(N)
Air Conditioner