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Lonking Workers Donate Blood in Show of Love
Date:Jul 11 2018 | Attention:

On the morning of June 1, 2018, an event of blood donation took place as planned at Lonking Shanghai Base.

The drill received active response from Lonking’s staff. Senior workers, who had donated blood many times, and new workers both gave blood. In full enthusiasm, they queued before the blood donation bus. Orderly, they filled in forms and got blood pressure measured and blood tested and drawn.

For many years, Lonking has attached great importance to blood donation, treating it as part of its social responsibility and a carrier of cultivating corporate culture. Through various ways, Lonking promotes blood donation and mobilizes employees to give blood, fostering an atmosphere of taking pride in being a blood donator and arising staff’s awareness of social responsibility and dedication. Lonking has been awarded for blood donation many times. Last year, Lonking was honored as “Outstanding Organization in Blood Donation” by Shanghai Blood Management Office.

During the event, more than 300 employees received medical examination, and 254 were qualified for blood donation and totally gave 50,800ml of blood. At Lonking, blood donation has become a tradition which fully reflects staff’s friendliness, love, and dedication.

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